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Lenovo Juniper EX2300-C-12P PoE Switch
Lenovo Juniper EX2300-C-12P PoE Switch

Cena bez DPH: 37873,- CZK

DPH: 21%

Cena s DPH: 45826,- CZK

Kód: 989321

Sklad: NE - nutno ověřit dostupnost

Záruka: 36 měs.


Form factor
EX2300-C-12P: Deskside or 1U rack mount
EX2300-24P: 1U rack mount

•12x Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) RJ-45 fixed ports with PoE
•2x SFP/SFP+ ports
•24x Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) RJ-45 fixed ports with PoE
•4x SFP/SFP+ ports

SFP/SFP+ media types
10 Gb Ethernet SFP+:
•10 GbE ultra short-reach (USR) SFP+ transceivers
•10 GbE short-range (SR) SFP+ transceivers
•10 GbE long-range (LR) SFP+ transceivers
•10 GbE extended-range (ER) SFP+ transceivers
•10 GbE extended long-range (ZR) SFP+ transceivers
•10 GbE SFP+ direct attach copper (DAC) cables
1 Gb Ethernet SFP:
•1 GbE short-wavelength (SX) SFP transceivers
•1 GbE long-wavelength (LX) SFP transceivers
•1 GbE long-wavelength bi-directional (BX) SFP transceivers
•1 GbE long-wavelength long-haul (LH) SFP transceivers
•1 GbE RJ-45 SFP transceivers
•1 GbE CWDM SFP transceivers
100 Mb Ethernet SFP:
•Fast Ethernet short-wavelength (FX) SFP transceivers

Port speeds
•1 Gb Ethernet RJ-45 fixed ports: 10/100/1000 Mbps autosensing
•10 Gb Ethernet SFP+ transceivers: 10 Gbps
•1 Gb Ethernet SFP optical transceivers: 1 Gbps
•1 Gb Ethernet SFP RJ-45 transceivers: 10/100/1000 Mbps autosensing
•100 Mb Ethernet SFP transceivers: 100 Mbps

Data traffic types
Unicast, multicast, broadcast.

Software features
Junos OS:
Layer 2 switching, Layer 3 switching, virtual local area networks (VLANs), VLAN tagging, spanning tree protocol (STP), link aggregation (trunk) groups (LAGs), redundant trunk groups (RTGs), quality of service (QoS), IP v4/IP v6 management, IPv4/IPv6 routing, Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP), policy-based routing, Virtual Chassis license (special bid only), Enhanced Features license (OSPF, IGMP and PIM routing protocols, Q-in-Q VLAN tunneling, and advanced diagnostics; special bid only).

Non-blocking architecture with wire-speed forwarding of traffic:
Up to 64 Gbps aggregated throughput
Up to 47 Million packets per second (Mpps)
Up to 128 Gbps aggregated throughput
Up to 95 Million packets per second (Mpps)
•Up to 9,216-byte jumbo frames

•MAC address forwarding database entries: 16,000
•VLANs: 4,093
•VLAN Spanning Tree Protocol (VSTP) instances: 253
•Multiple STP (MSTP) instances: 64
•Link aggregation groups: 128
•Ports in a link aggregation group: 8

Fanless; rear heatsink.
Two fixed system fans. Front (port side) to rear (non-port side) airflow.

Power supply
One fixed 100 - 240 V AC power supply with IEC 320-C14 connector:
•EX2300-C-12P: 170 W
•EX2300-24P: 450 W

Hot-swap parts
SFP/SFP+ transceivers, SFP+ DAC cables.

Management ports
1x 10/100/1000 Mb Ethernet port (RJ-45); 1x RS-232 port (RJ-45); 1x RS-232 port (Mini-USB), 1x USB port (for uploading Junos OS and configuration files).

Management interfaces
Junos OS CLI; Web GUI (J-Web); SNMP v1, v2 and v3.

Security features
Secure Shell (SSH); Secure Copy (SCP); user level security, Role-based Access Control (RBAC); RADIUS and TACACS+ authentication; access control lists (ACLs); port-based network access control (IEEE 802.1x).

Hardware warranty
Enhanced limited lifetime hardware warranty with shipping of spares within one business day; 5-year coverage for power supplies and fans.

Software maintenance
Lifetime software updates with 3-year 24x7 Juniper Networks Technical Assistance Center (JTAC) support.

EX2300-C-12P: Height: 44 mm (1.7 in.); width: 279 mm (11.0 in.); depth: 238 mm (9.5 in.)
EX2300-24P: Height: 44 mm (1.7 in.); width: 442 mm (17.4 in.); depth: 310 mm (12.2 in.)
EX2300-C-12P: 3.2 kg (7.0 lb)
EX2300-24P: 4.5 kg (9.9 lb)

The EX2300 switch models ship with the following items:
•Generic Rack Mount Kit (2-post) (EX2300-24P only)
•Power Cord Retainer Clip
•RJ-45 (plug) to RJ-45 (plug) cable with the DB-9 (plug) to RJ-45 (jack) adapter attached
•Documentation package

Configuration notes:
•Power cables are not included and must be ordered together with the switch (see "Power supplies and cables" for details).
•SFP/SFP+ transceivers and cables are not included and should be ordered together with the switch, if required (see "Transceivers and cables" for details).
•When configuring the EX2300 switches in the Standalone Solution Configuration Tool, the options for these switch models are listed in the Unconfigured Options category.