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Lenovo Flex System EN2092 1Gb Ethernet Scalable Switch
Lenovo Flex System EN2092 1Gb Ethernet Scalable Switch

Cena bez DPH: 58344,- CZK

DPH: 21%

Cena s DPH: 70596,- CZK

Kód: 898250

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Záruka: 12 měs.


The IBM Flex System™ EN2092 1Gb Ethernet Scalable Switch enables administrators to offer full Layer 2 and 3 switching and routing capability with combined 1 Gb and 10 Gb uplinks in an IBM Flex System Enterprise Chassis. Such consolidation simplifies the data center infrastructure and helps reduce the number of discrete devices, management consoles, and management systems while leveraging the 1 Gb Ethernet infrastructure. In addition, the next-generation switch module hardware supports IPv6 Layer 3 frame forwarding protocols. This Scalable Switch delivers port flexibility, efficient traffic management, increased uplink bandwidth, and strong Ethernet switching price/performance.

The base switch and upgrades are as follows:
49Y4294 is the part number for the physical device and comes with 14 internal 1 GbE ports enabled, one to each compute node and ten external 1 GbE ports enabled to connect to a top-of-rack switch or other 1 GbE devices. All external 1 GbE ports have RJ-45 connectors.
90Y3562 (Upgrade 1) can be applied on the base switch to take full advantage of four-port adapter cards installed in each compute node. This upgrade enables 14 additional internal ports, for a total of 28 ports. The upgrade also enables 10 additional external 1 GbE ports for a total of twenty 1 GbE uplinks. This upgrade requires the base switch.
49Y4298 (10Gb Uplinks or Upgrade 2) can be applied on the base switch when you need more uplink bandwidth. The upgrade enables four external 10 Gb uplinks with SFP+ connectors (SFP+ transceivers or DAC cables are not included). This upgrade requires the base switch.

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